Turtlebot Inital Setup

After just getting a lovely new turtlebot2 its now time to try it out.

Building the turtlebot was a little bit of a pain, very little documentation and I didnt quite have the right mounting for my Kinect. However just be analysis of the poles and vast number of holes I got it put together. Before I go about re-wiring the Kinect to take power from the Kobuki’s battery, I’m going to test the software setup.

Turtlebot2 on power while settting up

Basicly there are 2 good websites to use: The first gives a good overview and helped me with getting the Kinect tested. The second is the offical documentation. I recomend starting on the official docs for the turtlebot install, PC install and network configuration.

  1. Learn TurtleBot and ROS
  2. turtlebot/Tutorials/indigo – ROS Wiki

The network configuration turned out to be very important and I missed the stage out of setting up the ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_HOSTNAME in .bashrc and as a result didnt get the Kinect camera working straight away.

Inital setup and 3D image of ROS and RVIZ with turtlebot

Initial set-up and 3D image of ROS and RVIZ with turtlebot


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