(13:30 – Chassie Built)

With my 3D printer failing badly with large prints its now back to the drawing board. First port of call is to build the chassis. I still have the design, so with a bit of layout projection and tinkering I can produce a net of the design read to build from sheet aluminum. A quick print out and double sided tape gives me a cutting plan.

A bit of cutting and drill later I get a completed chassis which looks pretty good.

Now to see if everything fits. The servos sit snugly with plenty of space for the arduino board in the middle,  jobs a good’n.

Next to start chasing the leg parts.

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2 Responses to (13:30 – Chassie Built)

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  2. Xevel says:

    I’ve been following your project since you posted on Trossen Robotics.
    I’t very interesting, and I hope you won’t have other problems :/

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