(3:30) Leg Prototype

While the servo bracket has been printing I grabed a spot of lunch and started prototyping the leg joints using lynxmotion brackets. This video shows the results and how the leg can switch from mammel style walking to insect and back again.


Cool mecanum wheel desing with very usefull servo chassie.

Whilie waiting for the print to complete I did some more googleing and found little   mecanum wheeled rover. This little rovers chassie has 4 servos which are oriented exactly the same as the hip joint in my protype. This tidy little conicedenced means I can get a quick body made for the robot in no time … good old thingyverse.

Testing the servo bracket with my collection of servos

Feeling happy with the basic design of the leg and finding a nice chassie, the print conviently finished and I tested the new bracket for size. The servo fited nicely without any difficulty, the only issue is that it took 1 hour 15 minuets to print. At that rate it will take an entire night to print the robot, so if I want any chance of finishing it I will have to have the design nailed down today and print overnight. I guess I’d better get cracking then …

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